Journal of Accounting, Finance and Economics

Current Issue: March 2016 Volume 6, No 1

Paper title: Prediction of the Start of Next Recession

Author: Ah-HinPooi and You-BengKoh

Paper title: Vandana Rao Daka and Sankarshan Basu

Author: Is Corporate Hedging Consistent with Value-Maximization in Emerging Markets? An Empirical Analysis of Indian Firms

Paper title: Islamic Microcredit: The Case of Bangladesh

Author: HelalUddin and Munim Kumar Barai

Paper title: Factors affect NPL in Taiwan Banking Industry

Author: Ming-Chang Cheng, Chien-Chi Lee, QuynhNhu Tran Pham and Hui-Yu Chen

Paper title: Environmental Disclosure: The Case of Jordanian Chemical Industry

Author: Basman Jalal Mazahrih, Daas Ibrahim Katriband Tamer MazyadRfaah

Paper title: Stock Market Development, Can it Help Reduce Inflation in SAARC Countries?

Author: Ibrahim Sulaiman, NomanArshedand Muhammad Shahid Hassan